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MRT pride ourselves on delivering the complete solution to our customers.

The final piece of the jigsaw, therefore, is the mechanical assembly of components.



MRT offers:

Mechanical Assembly

Electro-mechanical Assembly



Specialist Packaging

Current projects include the assembly and testing of shower pumps, designer light fittings, electronics enclosures and mechanical sub-assemblies for medical devices. In our dedicated assembly unit we have facilities for warehousing of components, either free issued by our customers, or procured on your behalf by our purchasing and logistics team from our established supply base. Dedicated jigs and fixtures are designed and manufactured to ensure we offer a consistent and productive assembly of your products.

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Whatever your requirements, MRT will work with you to create a solution that fits.


Notes For Designers of Non-Ferrous Castings Guide - MRT Castings

The Process

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    Mechanical Assembly Process Image 3

    MRT provide a full range of assembly solutions, from fitting of inserts to complete box builds.

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    Mechanical Assembly Process Image 2

    In our dedicated assembly facility we combine components manufactured by MRT with specialist kit sourced from our supply chain.

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    Mechanical Assembly Process Image 1

    A wide variety of surface finishes can be provided.

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    CNC Machining Process Image 2

    MRT design and manufacture high quality jigs and fixtures for workholding.

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    CNC Machining Process Image 4

    Programming is undertaken by our skilled production engineers, both at the machine controls and using offline CAM software.

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    CNC Machining Process Image 1

    Industry leading CNC machining technology, including rotary tables and pallet loading minimise machining cycle times.

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    CNC Machining Process Image 3

    Dimensional accuracy is verified utilising 2 CNC co-ordinate measuring machines.

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    High Pressure Die Casting Process Image 1

    The die is sprayed with a cooling lubricant to regulate temperature and ease casting release.

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    High Pressure Die Casting Process Image 2

    High quality molten alloy is transferred from the furnace to the shot sleeve by automatic ladle.

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    High Pressure Die Casting Process Image 3

    Advanced real-time shot control software monitors and adjusts every aspect of the injection, cooling and ejection phases.

mrt's Assembly Solution:


Casting, Machining, Finishing, Component Sourcing and Electro Mechanical Assembly all under one roof.


By sourcing your complete manufacturing process from MRT you have guaranteed full traceability from a single source ISO9001 acccredited manufacturer.


Assembly jigs and fixtures are designed and manufactured in-house by MRT.


Utilising our in-house Solidworks design resources we can support you in the design of inividual components, right through to complete assemblies. 


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