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Harnessing over 70 years of experience and expertise, we’re proud to offer a complete production solution which is underpinned by innovation, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

As a third generation family business we're proud of our history, and excited by our future.

In order to protect our continuous advancement and dedication to quality, three core brand values remain at the heart of everything we do.

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Taking the time to understand our clients and their requirements.

From medical to marine and automotive to aerospace, we work with a diverse range of industries and clients – and we’re never afraid of a new challenge!

Using our wealth of experience to guide your project through to completion, we’ll make it our priority to understand your needs and achieve the exact specification you require.

No matter where you are in your plan, please don’t hesitate to contact us and discover how we can support you from initial design, right up to the production line.

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Utilising our knowledge and experience to deliver cutting edge results.

From a Queen’s Award for International Trade to the SME Export Track 100,  MRT Castings has a history of delivering excellence as a result of exceptional technical know-how.

Our in-depth knowledge of die casting, machining and finishing ensures that our customers receive the smartest end-to-end solutions, from product design to logistics – every single time.

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3. Ingenuity

Using the latest technology to evolve our practice innovatively.

At MRT Castings, we’re continuously investing in our tools – and the resources available to us are considerably more advanced than those we started with 70 years ago!

MRT have built partnerships with the world's leading machine tool, automation and software providers to ensure that our foundry and machining facilities are equipped with the technology needed to give you the perfect blend of precision and productivity.  Recent examples include our Zoller Smile420 Pre-Setter and Colosio PFO250 die casting cell – just the latest investments made to deliver maximum productivity and accuracy, ensuring that your exact specification is always met.

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