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Section Thickness

The minimum section thickness which can be cast is proportional to the total surface area. However, other factors must be taken into consideration, including:

  1. The fluidity of the chosen alloy
  2. The metallurgical quality required
  3. The complexity of the casting

Where minimum sections are specified, particular attention must be paid to radii, taper, tolerances and changes of section. Tolerances and minimum section thickness is variable depending on the casting process such as: Sand Casting, Die Casting and High Pressure Die Casting.

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Metal Thickness: Aluminium & Zinc Sand Castings

Aluminium And Zinc Sand

Metal Thickness: Aluminium & Zinc Gravity Die Castings

Aluminium Zinc Gravity

Metal Thickness: Aluminium Pressure Die Castings

Aluminium Pressure Die

Metal Thickness: Zinc Pressure Die Castings

Zinc Pressure Die

Metal Thickness: Copper Alloy Sand Castings

Copper Aluminum Sand

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