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I want to convert a machined from solid part to a casting


CNC machining is great. We love it, and we use it all the time. But we're mainly using it to perform secondary operations, to finish parts which we've already cast 90% or more of the geometry of.  Machining an intricate shape from solid billet means a lot of material wastage, and a lot of cutting time to acheive that. For one-offs, and very small production it makes sense, but when you start so get into volume production, then casting can quickly deliver significant savings, both in cost and in lead time. 

Casting is a near-net-shape manufacturing process, meaning minimal wasted material, and minimal secondary operation machining.

For casting you do need tooling, so there will be a significant one-off cost at the start of the project to convert from machined part to a casting, but once the tooling is completed, the savings on every casting cycle will be paying off that investment and very soon will be delivering bottom line results.

If you have a current machined from solid component and would like an assessment of the possible cost benefits of switching it to a casting, give us a call today. 


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