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Potential and existing customers often ask, "Which material should be used for this component?", "Can we anodise this alloy?", "What tolerance can reasonably be achieved on these dimensions?". We have attempted to collate the answers to these and many other questions.

The contents of this site are for guidance. If, for example, a particular dimension requires to be held within a closer tolerance than recommended here, it can often be achieved. When the initial questions have been answered and further information is required, we will be pleased to pass on the benefit of our experience to enable best advantage to be made of the processes we offer.

Please feel free at any point to contact our technical sales team for further advice. We also offer a free booklet, "Notes for Designers of Non-Ferrous Castings", which covers all of the topics discussed in this site in further depth.

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If you need more information before you make any decisions, why not view our useful guide From Idea To Product, which covers the entire process of getting your idea manufactured.

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