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I want to re-shore production to the UK from overseas


Over past few decades there was a trend amongst some engineering buyers to move volume production overseas to benefit from their lower labour costs. It was an understandable temptation, in in some cases the economics were undeniable, but the tide is changing, for a number of reasons. 

UK manufacturers such as MRT have developed, specialised, invested, and grown. As a result were are in a much stronger position to compete on the global playing field, despite western labour costs. Increased use of automation, and the latest technology, coupled with world-class manufacturing and other productivity gains, have helped us to reduce the differentials between the UK and lower-labour cost competitors. Transport costs have increased, as has the pressure for reduced lead times, hence the logic and economics of shipping components from the other side of the world are ceasing to make sense. Exchange rates fluctuate, and what made good economic sense 5 years ago, doesn't neccessarily look the same now.

Those manufacturers who have tried it are also acutely aware that the quality and reliability of overseas supply chains can have disasterous effects on a business.  Sourcing your components closer to home gives you far greater control, and confidence.

MRT are seeing a growing number of UK and European customers bringing production back from the far-east, and we're eager to support the movement. So if you're currently sourcing castings or machined components from overseas and would like to re-evaluate your options, get in touch.  We promise we won't say I told you so!


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