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Linear Tolerances Across the Parting Line

Linear Tolerances Across The Parting Line

Projected Area of Casting

Pressure Die Cast


Aluminium Alloy

Zinc Alloy

Up to 150 cm2

± 0.1mm

± 0.075mm

150 to 300 cm2

± 0.125mm

± 0.1mm

300 to 600 cm2

± 0.2mm

± 0.15mm

600 to 1200 cm2

± 0.3mm

± 0.2mm


Projected Area of Casting

Gravity Die Cast

Sand Cast


Aluminium or Zinc

Zinc Alloy

Up to 60 cm2

± 0.25mm

± 0.5mm

60 to 300 cm2

± 0.375mm

± 0.875mm

300 to 600 cm2

± 0.5mm

± 1.125mm

600 to 1500 cm2

± 0.625mm

± 1.5mm

1500 to 3000 cm2

± 0.75mm

± 2.25mm

These tolerances must be provided in addition to the linear dimensional tolerances where a dimension is affected by the parting line. They apply to dimensions both parallel and perpendicular to the parting line.

The values shown represent production practice at the most economical level. Greater accuracy involving extra work or care in production should be specified only when and where necessary.

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