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The Choice of Alloy


Aluminium is a very versatile material, with excellent corrosion resistance. Material properties can be improved by Heat Treatment.

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LM5  LM6  LM9  LM16  LM24  LM25  LM27  LM31

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Zinc is twice the density of Aluminium, and has excellent non-spark characteristics.

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ZL3  ZL8  ZL12  ZL27


Copper Alloys

Copper alloys, often referred to as gun-metal, is suitable for sand casting.

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LG2  PB2

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New at MRT

MRT's sites on the Walworth Business Park in Andover are now re-opened, following the evacuation yesterday afternoon of the area whilst the amazing Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service dealt with a major incident nearby.  Normal operations at MRT are resuming now, and our site is unaffected.

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Purchasing a Zoller Smile420 Tool Pre-Setter has seen an overwhelming improvement in productivity and wasted downtime.

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MRT Castings is delighted to announce the purchase of a new PFO250 fully automated, die casting cell, from Italian manufacturer Colosio.  

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