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Our Services : High Pressure Die Casting

High Pressure Die Casting : Aluminium & Zinc

High pressure die casting provides the shortest route from molten metal to completed component, by injecting molten metal into a hardened steel mould and allowing it to solidify under pressure before ejection.

Pressure die casting is a repetitive process where identical parts are cast at high production rates by injecting molten metal under pressure into a metal die.  Again, this process requires complex machinery. 

High pressure die casting is ideally suited to high production rates, and wall thickness’ can be as little as 1-2.5mm.  It provides the best surface finish (1.5m), and a very fine grain surface can be obtained.  Pressure die castings have high strength in the as cast condition.  Castings may be quenched from the die.  Machine size will limit casting size.  Sound thick sections are difficult to cast, and core configurations must be complex to enable disassembly. 

Castings may suffer from porosity, although evacuated chamber and other techniques may reduce this, High startup costs are only reduced by long casting runs, thus enabling low unit cost with a high volume production.  Castings cannot be fully heat treated.

This process allows fast, precise, cost effective production of aluminium or zinc die castings, meeting the needs of hi-tech industries where product appearance and dimensional tolerances are critical.  MRT have high pressure die casting machines with locking forces of between 220 and 530 tonnes. All feature computerised real-time shot control, automatic ladling, die-spray, automatic casting extraction and cooling.

Small Quantities? - No Problem!  Many pressure die casting foundries only offer their services for high volume orders, claiming that lengthy set-ups make the process prohibitive to small quantities of zinc or aluminium die castings.  MRT have optimised their tooling preparation and set-up operations to make the process more accessible to customers who require only small quantities of aluminium or zinc castings, but whose applications would benefit from the excellent dimensional and cosmetic properties of pressure die casting.  So, MRT can provide the complete service, whether you require a batch of 10 or 10,000.

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Step 1

MRT Castings

The die is sprayed with a cooling lubricant to regulate temperature and ease casting release. 

Step 2

Automatic Ladling

High quality molten alloy is transferred from the furnace to the shot sleeve by automatic ladle.

Step 3


Advanced real-time shot control software monitors and adjusts every aspect of the injection, cooling and ejection phases.

Step 4


The casting is ejected from the tool and inspected. The tool and machine are then ready to repeat the cycle.




Comprehensive set-up records and quality data ensure consistent production and reduce pressure die casting set-up time.



Quality is achieved by pride in workmanship, backed up by an excellent quality system to ISO9001:2008. Everyone at MRT is committed to quality.



Routine tool maintenance, breakdowns and modifications can all be undertaken in-house to reduce tool down time.



Our expertise can help you optimise designs, eliminating elements which add unnecessary costs. Thus we provide the benefits of automated production without high-cost tooling. Innovative press trimming tool design can also help to reduce finishing costs.  Where required, we can also provide filling and solidification simulations using the latest computer technology.

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