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Sand Casting

Sand casting offers the simplest medium for production of non ferrous castings, by pouring molten zinc, aluminium or copper into a sand mould.

This process is chosen for the production of small numbers of castings, for complex shape castings requiring intricate cores, or for large castings.

Advantages include:

Low cost tooling

 Largest casting sizes achievable

Very low gas porosity

General versatility

Limitations include low casting rate, 3-5mm minimum wall thickness, poor linear tolerance (e.g. 4mm/m), rough surface finish (6.5-12.5mm), and a coarser grain size than gravity die castings.

The huge advantage of sand casting is the production of complex shapes however the surface finish and tolerances of the finished casting are poor relative to die castings. Production times can also be a lot longer than other casting processes such as gravity die casting and high pressure die casting.

Get full information about the sand casting process and die casting processes or contact us today for expert sand casting advice.

Advantages of Different Casting Processes Infographic - MRT Castings



  • Sand Castings up to 10kgs in all suitable Aluminium, Zinc, and Copper Alloys
  • Principal Aluminium Alloys - LM5, LM6, LM9, LM16, LM24, LM25, LM27, LM31
  • Principal Zinc Alloys - ZA3, ZA8, ZA12, ZA27
  • Principal Copper Alloys - LG2, PB2

mrt's advantages:


Comprehensive set-up records and quality data ensure consistent production and reduce set-up time.


Quality is achieved by pride in workmanship, backed up by an excellent quality system to ISO9001. For critical components, MRT can provide X-ray, dye penetrant and pressure testing.


Routine tool maintenance, breakdowns and modifications can all be undertaken in-house to reduce tool down time.


Our expertise can help you optimise designs, eliminating elements which add unnecessary costs.


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