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To cope with record demand, MRT Castings have just purchased two more Machining Centres bringing our total to 21, a third of which have been installed in the last 18 months.

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Thanks to the great efforts of our loyal and hard-working team, last year saw the fastest growth and strongest sales we’ve ever had, a SEVENTY PERCENT growth!

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Traditionally, our type of business might not have paid too much attention to the environment but, at MRT, it’s something we take very seriously.

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MRT's Managing Director, Phil Rawnson, has been appointed Chairman of the Cast Metals Federation.

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World class foundry MRT Castings has launched an ambitious strategy to double its production capacity over the next three years.

The die casting specialists ­ who offer complete end-to-end manufacturing solutions ­ are experiencing significant growth in their key niche markets.

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MRT Castings has commissioned a new advanced die casting cell ­ further enhancing the already high quality of its die casting facilities.

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More companies are turning to world class foundry MRT Castings for complex and demanding CNC machining work.

MRT’s state of the art machining facility is fast becoming the hub of the operation as clients task the foundry with ever more challenging projects.

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World class die casting specialist MRT Castings has reported growth of 62 per cent over the last two years.

Annual turnover last year hit £4.3 million at the rapidly expanding foundry which now employs 50 staff.

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Elite die casting foundry MRT Castings has doubled the size of its assembly facility as more clients outsource their manufacturing operations completely.

UK-based MRT has expanded its product assembly operations into a dedicated new technical facility to meet growing demand.

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World-class foundry MRT Castings has just invested in a new extractor robot for its largest die casting cell - speeding up operations and further enhancing quality.

The new extractor robot on MRT's Bühler 530-tonne cell complements its robot-controlled ladle and die spray.

It means that the Bühler 53D - MRT's largest casting cell - is now fully automated.

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Die casting experts MRT are making significant investments in new equipment to support strong sales growth over the past year.

Growing numbers of designers and buyers from Europe and the United States are turning to the elite team at MRT because they get the best of both worlds:

  • all the sophisticated technology of a major foundry
  • all the small batch flexibility of a smaller foundry.
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Without expert advice designers can come up against unexpected problems when die casting that can prove costly and untimely warn MRT.

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