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Aluminium Casting

Aluminium Casting can be carried out via sand casting, pressure die casting or gravity die casting methods.

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High Pressure Aluminium Casting Methods:

  • Molten aluminium is injected under force using considerable pressure into a hardened steel mould or die to form products.
  • Production is fast and inexpensive relative to other casting processes.
  • MRT have High Pressure Aluminium Casting machines with locking forces of between 220 and 530 tonnes.

Gravity Aluminium Casting Methods:

  • Gravity Aluminium Casting uses the force of gravity, to fill a permanent mould, or die, with molten aluminium.
  • Gravity Aluminium Casting is a technique that includes rapid chilling, giving excellent mechanical properties.
  • Non-turbulent filling ensures production of heat treatable gravity castings with minimal porosity.
  • MRT have a range of microprocessor controlled hydraulic Gravity Aluminium Casting machines, which mechanise movements of the die, increasing production rates, and improving consistency.

Sand Aluminium Casting Methods:

  • Sand Aluminium Casting is the simplest medium of production.
  • Sand Aluminium Casting has low tooling costs and can produce complex shaped aluminium casting requiring intricate cores.

Our expertise can help you optimise designs, eliminating elements which add unnecessary costs to your aluminium casting. Thus we provide the benefits of automated production of aluminium casting without high-cost tooling. We can help you produce high or low quantity aluminium casting.

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