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Aluminium die casting experts help designers cut out middle men

Growing numbers of designers are cutting out the middle men by outsourcing their aluminium die casting directly to specialist providers, reports MRT Castings.

Cost savings are not the only benefit - designers gain greater control and quality by sending castings work to single source suppliers who can deliver finished end products.

MRT Castings Managing Director Phil Rawnson said: "Using a single source supplier who can cast, machine, finish and assemble components slashes lead times. "It greatly reduces the logistics and costs of dealing with several subcontractors. The complete supply chain is efficiently managed - freeing up customers' own resources so they can concentrate on product development and sales."

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MRT develops, manufactures and assembles aluminium die casting designs including extensive CNC machining of die castings produced in the MRT foundry.  Whilst MRT is experienced in supplying components ready for customers' assembly lines, MRT also have their own modern facilities for electro-mechanical assembly.  This enables MRT to offer the complete manufacturing solution.  

Current assembly projects include the manufacture and testing of shower pumps, designer light fittings, and electronics enclosures, all of which incorporate aluminium die castings and other engineered components manufactured in-house at MRT.   

Engineers at MRT have been designing manufacturing and running aluminium die casting tooling for over 60 years.

MRT has invested in state of the art machinery and has immense experience in optimising component and tool designs to achieve the best toolmaking results.

MRT works closely with designers from the earliest stages, working to create an aluminium die casting solution that suits their requirements precisely.
Aluminium die casting techniques produce greater volumes of cast products than other types of casting. The casting process allows for fast, precise and cost effective production of aluminium die castings - cutting costs and time to market.

MRT can produce complex aluminium die castings in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes. They are strong, durable and with a high degree of accuracy. Parts can be sharply defined with smooth surfaces in a wide variety of attractive and serviceable finishes.

MRT has decades of experience in sand casting, gravity and high pressure aluminium die casting solutions.

The company has invested heavily in machine tools and skilled staff to optimise the quality and productivity of its processes.  Ongoing investment ensures the latest technology is employed to minimise production costs and enhance product quality.

MRT has high pressure aluminium die casting machines with locking forces of between 220 and 530 tonnes, suitable for production of aluminium components up to about 5kg.  All the high pressure aluminium die casting machines have microprocessor control.

The latest machines include computerised real-time shot control, automatic ladling and die-spray plus automatic casting extraction and cooling.

MRT also has a range of microprocessor-controlled hydraulic gravity aluminium die casting machines - mechanising die movements, increasing production rates and improving consistency. The gravity aluminium die casting machines offer tilt pouring and hydraulic movement on up to four axes.

To achieve maximum benefits from the aluminium die casting process, it is critical that designers collaborate with the die casting foundry at an early stage of the product design and development.

Consulting with the die casting foundry during the design phase will help resolve issues affecting tooling and production, while identifying the various factors that could affect overall costs.

MRT provides advice at every stage of the aluminium die casting process from design, toolmaking and machining to finishing.

MRT supplies aluminium die casting components ready for the production line whatever the production volume, large or small, minimising supplier lists.

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