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MRT connects entire machine shop using FactoryWiz

Around 6 months ago, we took a hard look at how we use the data we have available to us at MRT Castings. We looked at everything from data being used by machines, data being created by machines all the way through to where data is being left on the cutting room floor and where data can potentially be corrupted or lost through human error.

In the spirit of Industry 4.0, we began taking steps to connect all this data flowing through our manufacturing process and connect it into one single system.

This one system, FactoryWiz, now allows us to connect every part of our CNC machine shop together, to ensure a streamlined and monitorable manufacturing system. We’ve linked our ERP system which handles customer orders, stock and bills of material, through to our metrology systems, right down to the CNC systems themselves where we can monitor their status, progress, and feeding in CNC programs.  In due course we hope to roll this networking out to other areas of the business, including our foundry and assembly divisions.

This interconnectivity of our systems is allowing us to make savings and increase efficiency in almost all aspects of our business, whilst also improving the quality of our output.

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