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Since purchasing and installing a new Zoller Smile420 Tool Pre-Setter in April 2018, MRT has seen an overwhelming improvement in productivity and wasted downtime. The difference that the Smile420 has made to productivity is fantastic with an average reduction of machine downtime of 2 hours a day

Historically, tools required for the next job in the queue needed individual, on-machine setup. Not only was this unreliable in terms of accuracy but was also time-consuming and impacted on overall productivity. Failure of individual tooling features wasted valuable minutes on the existing, traditional on-machine setup. It was these challenges that MRT wanted to eradicate and to do this, the company actively sought the right solution for their needs.

The instant impact of the Smile420 was the immediate ability to set up tools for future jobs whilst an existing job was in progress.This saved, on average, 15 mins per setup and could be used for every setup on the shop floor.  MRT developed a smart interface, using DNC technology, to enable the Smile420 to interface directly with all of MRT’s 22 CNC machines, enabling tool data to be transferred automatically, reliably and securely. The increase in accuracy together with the ability to transfer data eradicated errors and ensured the setup was right first time, every time. Ensuring that the new machine was able to align with the pre-existing processes and efficiencies already in place at MRT was crucial to ensuring that the Smile420 added value.

Managing Director Phil Rawnson summed up the addition and impact of the Smile420 by stating: ‘precisely measured and inspected tools work to their optimum level, meaning they not only last longer but also drive up part finish quality, dramatically reducing scrap.’

MRT is continually looking for new ways to improve productivity and overarching efficiencies. An emphasis on innovation and applying industry insight to advance the quality of our solutions, ensures we continue to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

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